COVID-19 remains a threat and therefore precautions will continue to prevent the spread of the virus.  The club is generally following the guide lines of British CanoeingThe committee will continue to review the published advice and adapt accordingly.

A summary of the club’s position is:

·         Try and follow social distancing where possible. Facemasks are still beneficial. Clean up after use.

·         Access to the car park and river is permitted and the key code is available.

·         Paddling is encouraged within any government guidelines.

·         Trips and courses will resume within government guidelines.

·         Club boats and associated kit will be available for routine borrowing and should cleaned before and afterwards.

·         All activities around the clubhouse and on the river must be recorded on the sheet inside the front door.

·         Clubhouse toilets and changing rooms may be used.  Please clean toilets after use and wipe doors and any surfaces touched.

·         Swimming pool sessions have resumed.

The club committee will continue to review this moratorium if needed.

Stay well and help others to stay well.

Here are a few links for members to explore in the meantime: 

A link for being Healthy and happy:

Plus an interesting 45 Paddling films to watch:


Updated 21 May 2022

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