What to bring on a sea trip

If you're going sea kayaking for the day, there are some things that you really can't do without. The list below is intended as a minimum kit list for those taking part in BCC led trips on the sea. You need to make sure that you either bring it yourself, or arrange for someone else to bring it for you. Members can borrow a sea kayak, paddle, deck, buoyancy aid and helmet from the club. If you need one, you'd be advised to contact the quartermaster(s) to book the loan of a kayak in advance of the meet.

  • Sea kayak
  • Sea paddle
  • Spray deck
  • Kayaking helmet
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Kayaking cagoule (even on a hot day)
  • Wetsuit (or drysuit and thermal undergarments)
  • Footwear - comfortable in the kayak, but suitable for walking on shore too
  • Warm hat / sun hut (as appropriate)
  • Sun screen (even in early spring and autumn)
  • Sunglasses with retaining strap
  • Snack to eat on the move (eg. flapjack, chocolate bar, banana)
  • Lunch and hot drink (for longer meets, especially over lunchtime)
  • Personal medication, if required
  • Small waterproof box or bag for keys / wallet etc.
  • Full, dry change of clothes and footwear

For one-way paddles (shuttles) particularly, it's advisable to bring a dry bag large enough to take your dry clothes and to put them in the kayak with you. Otherwise it might be a long wait in wet kit to get back to your car! There are many other items that it's good to carry too, depending on your level, ability and the type of trip that you're undertaking, however the above is a good starting point.

If you're paddling in cold weather, especially in winter, you should bring an extra layer (even if you don't wear it), and gloves or pogies. You must ensure that you have sufficient warm clothing with you both for use whilst paddling, but also in the event that you are stopped for lunch or a more extended period. Do not rely on other people to provide you with clothing, lunch or other equipment without making a prior arrangement with them.

Please note that if you do not have suitable and complete equipment you will not be permitted to paddle with the club group.

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