Trip Routine

These notes are intended to provide guidance to those new to participation in Sea Trips.


The club calendar will provide details of available trips.  If you want to participate on a trip please register via the What's On calendar entry and provide all your details.  These details provide the trip leader with important information such as who is participating, contact details including in emergency, previous experience, and what your transport arrangements are.

There are times when trip places fill up quickly.  We try to ensure that the leader only takes out the quantity of people that can be kept safe, a figure that changes depending on the nature and location of the trip.  There is a reserve list that will automatically keep your details and the leader will see that.  Sometimes additional leaders may offer their services or registered paddlers will not be able to participate and it is then possible for the leader to make contact with those on the reserved list and offer them places.

Admin Instruction

The Trip Leader will normally issue an email to all participants approx 3 days prior to the trip.  All the necessary details of where, when what and how is normally listed in that email.  If this is not received at least 2 days before the trip, make contact with the leader or someone else on the trip to get details.

Kit List

Please check details of what to take on a trip.  Take particular note of details of how to book club equipment (available to club members).

Travel and Accommodation

We do try to share lifts to trip locations but the organisation of this is not always straight forward.  It is the participants's responsibility to getto the trip location.  When registering ensure you indicate if you need a list for you and your kit.  The leader will often send out emails asking for spare places to help match then to those who need a lift.  Note that it is useful to have straps to help securing your boat to someone else's car if they offer a lift.

For multi-day trips it is again the participant's responsibility to book and pay for accoommodation unless the trip organiser says specifically otherwise.


Ensure you bring food, in suitably protected packaging (dry bags), for lunch meals.  Don't forget a flask of warm drink.  Take water to drink whilst on the sea.  Snack bars are useful energy boosts on short stops on the water and these can be kept in day hatches of Buoyancy Aide pockets.

Paddling Notes

When on the water you need to remain aware of your own abilities and those of the other paddlers.  If you are having difficulties maintaining the pace or have other problems, you must ensure that is brought to the leader's attention, either directly or telling someone else to tell the leader.  Use a whistle to draw attention.  This is a serious safety point and don't expect the leader to notice signs because at that stage it may be too late to do something about the problem.

Team awareness is an essential feature of a trip.  Be aware of others, where they are and if they appear to be struggling, ask them or mention it to the leader.  This awareness also includes remaining part of the group and not venturing out far ahead or diverting into caves or behind rocks without notifying someone else in the group.

The leader is ulimately responsible for the safe conduct of the trip however this burden requires the support and cooperation of all trip members.  Remain vigilent and aware throughout the trip and help the leader and each other to make the trip safe and enjoyable.

Post Trip

Every trip will be a learning experience.  Share what you enjoyed with others, including the leader.  Equally share things that didn't quite work out so that future trips can avoid the pitfalls.  This sharing can take place at any time, on the shore after landing, over a drink or ice cream, or via email afterwards.

Ensure all club borrowed equipment is returned, washed before storage, and mention is made to the leader or quartermaster of any damage or loss.  It is helpful to label problem kit and to note on the white board in the basemewnt store.  If you are able to mend kit then please do so.  Check with the leader or treasurer before expenditure if you want to be reimbersed for any outlay.

9 Sep 22

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