Key-Code Holders

The club encourages all eligible members to become key/code holders and to use the clubhouse as much as possible to further their canoeing experience.

To be a key-code holder one must:

  • be a full (annual) BCC member
  • be 18 years old or over
  • have completed the key/code holder training
  • hold a BC 2-star certificate or equivalent, or have been assessed by a BCC level-2 coach to be paddling at that level.


Being a key-code holder comes with responsibilities for ensuring the premises and kit are kept secure and safe.

The person who unlocks the clubhouse is the person responsible for:

  • who enters the premises whilst they are unlocked (only members or friends & family accompanied by a member)
  • keeping kit safe from theft whilst the premises are unlocked
  • in the event of the fire-alarm sounding, or a fire being discovered, ensuring the fire-drill is complied with
  • keeping the code secure: i.e. not disclosing the code to anyone, even other members
  • scrambling the codes on padlocks so as not to reveal the code to others
  • ensuring nobody is inside when the premises are locked up
  •  locking up on their departure*
  • reporting any security issues to and cc to

* If another key-code holder turns up then the responsibility for locking up may be handed over to them, but this must only be done with their agreement, with both parties clear about who is locking up and the key-code holder who originally unlocked the clubhouse must record the name of the person taking on the responsibility and the time.

Being a key-code holder is a privilege that will be withdrawn if members do not take all reasonable care to keep the premises secure or otherwise misuse or abuse access to the clubhouse and site.

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